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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Java Updates

I just got a new Java update pushed to me by Oracle.  When the update finished installing I was told to restart all applications using Java.

I'm a pretty sophisticated user, but I don't know how to act on this request.  Am I really supposed to know what language each of the applications that I use is written in, so that I can restart just those that use Java?  That seems like a big ask for a typical user.

At least equally to the point, the applications that we develop are written in Java, but restarting them will have no impact, since they come with their own version of Java.  The version of Java installed elsewhere on the system, if any, is completely irrelevant to our applications.  So even if you do know that our apps are written in Java, the request from Oracle is still wrong.

Not sure that I have any better solution for Oracle's message, but it is at best confusing.  Perhaps the right thing to do depends on the security implications of the update.  If there are any, then force a reboot and hence the restart of all applications that will use the update (and all others), otherwise just wait for users to quit and restart in the normal course of events.

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