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Monday, January 2, 2017

Where were you?

This is a catch-up post because I didn't get around to writing anything in the second half of last year.  Its not like nothing happened -- quite the reverse.

Diagrams 2016 was in Philadelphia in August.  The conference was small, extremely well run and had a lot of high quality research.  It was nice to catch up with many colleagues and their activities.

Atsushi Shimojima visited early in September.  We're still working on our paper.  This visit marked a milestone in that we decided to streamline and focus the paper.  I think that it will be good when we have enough time to finish it (at the time of writing, we're pretty close to done, I think).

Continued to work on the new courseware package, Logical Reasoning with Diagrams and Sentences, through the fall.  This is a rerelease of our Hyperproof package, and is due out any day now.  I taught from the draft package in the summer session.  The class was tiny, but we got some good feedback and improved the package somewhat.  Bram van Heuveln at Rensselaer used it over the fall and also provided very useful feedback.

I started taking Japanese lessons.  I'm enjoying the challenge and am hoping that I will be better able to function when I visit Japan next time.

Saw Sweet Honey in the Rock in concert at the Davies Symphony hall.  They were excellent as always, but not the best venue for them.  Also heard Paula Poundstone on New Years Eve.  An excellent way to end 2016.

Oh, and there was an election.

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